Holidays With The Cat: Rules, Common Sense And Tricks

The cat doesn’t like holidays. In this way it seems like an invitation not to leave, or to leave it at home. But that’s not the case, or rather that’s not the point. The cat, in fact, does not like to leave its space: it has created its size, scattered its traces, marked the boundaries. So he does in every place where he lives, pouring his affection both on you who live with him, both on the ground that you share. If you think you can get away with it or if you don’t know who to leave your four-legged friend with during the holidays, your main task will be to help him to create a new territory, to settle down and make his house temporary. be a very fun experience, provided that some tricks are followed and, of course, that respect for the animal comes before all else.

Tips For A Pleasant Holiday With Your Cat

Territoriality is the main characteristic of the feline, the trait that distinguishes it, for example, from the dog. The cat, as those who love this animal know, has little in common with Fido at the character level: if you have taken a holiday with the dog, remember that the cat has other needs, and therefore the planning must be different. Keeping it in mind before leaving will facilitate your task, because everything, from preparations for the trip to the furnishing of the place where you go to stay, should be tailored to this animal if you are traveling with him. The visceral love for its places the puppy acquires immediately after detachment from his mother, creating a series of points of reference: they are the so-called markings, made through rubbing (with its deposit of pheromones) and scratches. A few days will therefore pass, when you are on holiday, because it fits well in the new territory, and in this time will probably have made all the markings of the case: at the beginning he will have felt lost not finding his references, slowly will be able to identify them. He must reassure himself and gain confidence in the new environment, where it is important that he does not feel the presence of a similar one: he could get jealous and nervous. Holidays with your cat will certainly be more enjoyable if she feels at home.

The Ideal Place To Spend Your Holiday With Your Cat

This is suggested by the very concept of territoriality and its character: an apartment is for him the ideal place to spend the holiday. Or an apartment, or an uncrowded bed and breakfast. If the kitten already knows the place, even better: it will not take the days of acclimatization. The house is the place where he certainly calms down more easily and the better he will find his space, and where the more painless is the movement of his things.

The more difficult it is for it to be located in other structures: hotels, hostels, campsites. In the latter case, however, if you have accustomed him to staying in a motorhome since childhood, the possibility of adapting is higher. For those who have chosen a hotel, however, do not worry: those pet friendly in Italy and abroad are not lacking. The hotelier will study, depending on the type of service offered, an ad hoc reception for your friend: some hotels or farmhouses have a private garden, others have the bowl in the room and a massive dose of croquettes. Puss will adapt, and the holiday will flow pleasantly.

Open Spaces

Better the sea or the mountain? Neither of them can probably supplant the fun, relaxation and privacy that a cat on holiday can enjoy in a garden all to himself. Or a roof, always a place of play and hunting for the kitten, used to sunbathing and sleeping in the sun for hours but not very attracted by the beach, at least when it is crowded. Walks, needless to say, are not for him, so even the mountain is a difficult place. Unless there’s snow: for some it’s a very fun game. That said, if your must-see destinations are the beach or a refuge in the Dolomites, don’t worry: finding the right structure for your friend and choosing the right things to take with you, making your stay away from home enjoyable won’t be difficult.

What To Pack

The list is not short, but it is better not to leave anything out and therefore begin to do so a few days earlier. Here are the main indications, a vademecum of what it takes to go on holiday with a cat:

  1. The food, better if its favorite.
  2. The litter tray and the scratching post, for your needs and your amusement.
  3. The bowls our cat eats from, one for food and one for water.
  4. Medicines, on which it is best to seek advice from your vet.
  5. The health booklet, the animal passport if you go abroad.
  6. The carrier, essential for the journey: by train it must be kept on the knees, by plane it must live in the hold with dogs, by ferry it must adapt to the cat. In the car, on the other hand, everything is easier. Unexpected apart, because it could be nauseous from car sickness.


Veterinarians usually advise to do so depending on where you go, and the Ministry of Health has also drawn up a series of tips on the subject: indicates as mandatory vaccination for expatriation, rabies, and recommends different drugs and nutrition depending on the region to which we are directed. Regardless of the destination is still important to protect the cat from the potential aggression of pathogens and bacteria new to him: you can then proceed to vaccination, administration of drugs that prevent the establishment of a possible infection and the observation of strict hygiene rules. Your vet will advise you on the way.

Therefore, regardless of the type of holiday, journey and stay chosen, a cat holiday requires a preliminary visit by the professional in question, who will analyse the state of health of the feline and give useful tips, especially for the journey. Keeping your cat under medical supervision from the first few weeks of life is an important habit for her health, but sometimes the costs of visits keep her away from the clinics. For this reason, special insurance policies have been designed for pets that, with an annual expense not high, allow you to perform periodic visits, always have at your disposal the advice (including telephone) of an expert, take advantage of discounts on special interventions and benefits. In case of an unforeseen event away from home we can therefore ask for help by calling a toll-free number, which in addition to providing us with a medical opinion will indicate the affiliated structures closest to us. To be sure even on holiday.

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