On Holiday With Your Dog: Tips And Common Sense

Holidaying with your dog, not just “taking him on holiday”. If you start from this assumption, staying away from home with Fido can be enjoyable and fun: because if he is a burden, it is better to leave him to someone who cares and cuddles him during this period. But if we can’t do without him even at the seaside or in the mountains, it’s time to work hard to make the holiday relaxing for him and enjoyable for us. With a few tricks, a lot of common sense and a notepad in which to note down things absolutely not to be forgotten, here are some tips to plan our trip.

On Holiday With Your Dog: The Rules To Make Them Enjoyable

Places Yes, Places No

It’s useless to go around it: there are places you’d better avoid if you go on holiday with your dog. The most popular seaside resorts, for example, could irritate our furry friend: not recommended walks, beaches off limits, public places prohibited. Better to turn, if possible, on less known places, perhaps less beautiful but more suited to his movement and his desire to stretch his legs. Clearly, then, that the size conditions a lot of these basic considerations: for a medium-large dog will be even more difficult, while the small is more adaptable.

A similar discussion for some natural parks: Fido, especially if it is a puppy, with its exuberance could frighten the present fauna, or create some damage to plants and flowers. As for the city’s attractions, if you want to visit churches, museums and various monuments, put your heart in peace: with the dog is not possible. Simply, perhaps, because he doesn’t care much about seeing these places. The mountain, finally: much better than the sea, presents the possibility of walks in the woods and a nature for the most attractive animal.

What To Pack

The 4-legged suitcase, as the Ministry of Health calls it in the section of its portal dedicated to this topic, is fundamental: it contains objects that the dog recognizes, so forgetting them could make the animal feel unhappy, or at least make it feel less at home. Here is a short list of things to bring absolutely:

  1. The bowls: the food and water bowls, of course, will help the dog to feel at home.
  2. The health booklet: it is useful in case of need, and it is the first thing required if you have recourse to the care of a veterinarian.
  3. The objects familiar to him: not only the games he uses the most, but also plaids, pillows and other objects that might remind him of home.
  4. Leash and muzzle: not in all places are required, but it is better to have them. Just as it is necessary to pack the hygienic bags for the walk.
  5. Food: always to get used to the new environment, a few boxes of its croquettes can help.
  6. The water bottle: useful especially during travel, but also during travel.


There are, and scattered throughout the peninsula (a little ‘less in Sardinia and Sicily), the facilities in which to spend the holiday with your dog. According to the latest data of Federalberghi are 7800, increasing exponentially in the last three years: hotels of different types, bed and breakfast, hostels, farmhouses, room rentals … there is only an embarrassment of choice and Federalberghi itself provides a search engine with complete information on each pet friendly structure. The services offered vary from place to place, and if they are not even indicated on the website of the hotel in question, a phone call is urgently required to avoid incurring unpleasant surprises upon arrival.

They range from the simple reception to the kennel-bowl-dryer-cover set ready in your room, to starry dinners made especially for the dog according to your directions, from the private garden and areas reserved for the 4-legged to the activities organized for all guests hairy, up to the massage service, toilet and shampoo. In the latter case, however, the cost becomes important and goes hand in hand with the stars of the structure; on the contrary, in some hotels that offer a service is basic, the overnight stay in Fido is free: it is an initiative of many hoteliers, to discourage the abandonment of summer.

As for campsites, you can count on an extensive database made available by a site: there are over 600 dog-friendly campsites, and to find the solution that suits your needs, you can simply search the portal.

Finally, the beaches: there are the reserved ones, and there will be no problem, those where entry to the 4-legged is not prohibited but it is better to pay close attention and behave with a sense of civic, but also those off limits, unfortunately.

The Visit To The Vet Before The Holidays With The 4-legged Friend

One of the things you should not forget before leaving: to face the journey in safety and serenity, especially if long, it is necessary to verify the state of health of our dog. Consult your vet will also be useful to get information about the holiday: for example, how to assemble a first aid kit, and what to give, when necessary, if your dog suffers from car sickness or seasickness.

As we have already said about the transport of animals on the move, this moment is also part of the holiday, and therefore must be as pleasant as the stay. The dog must be pampered and cared for throughout the journey, if possible making stops, if you go by car, and with lots of water if the season is hot. If you are travelling by plane, especially if your friend is flying for the first time, it may be useful to ask your vet for advice on the dose and type of tranquilizer to be administered.

The visits to the vet, as all animal lovers know, help in fact to solve many unforeseen events, but are often expensive. That’s why an online pet health insurance can be useful: with its advantageous conditions, it guarantees active and continuous advice, a reduction in costs and the possibility to offer your friend a special assistance always.

Have you already concluded one or are you looking for the best solution for you?

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