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Consumers should be aware that motor vehicle laws differ for used cars and buyers do not have the same protections as when purchasing from a licensed dealer. Security costs. But first, let's go through the process of buying a boat, which should start well before you stand to look at a boat. Aluminum Fishing Boats: Light, Economical, and Seaworthy, Watersports Boats for water skiing, wakeboarding, wakesurfing, Boat Buyers Beware: 10 Hidden Problems to Look For in Used Boats, Boating Tips: Three Things You Need to Know When Shopping for Boat. If you buy a boat without survey and later find defects with it, you may not have any legal rights. Ive only done so once, buying and selling. To do this, you'll need to fill out the "transfer of title by seller" section on the boat's title. After the sale, they may find that the boat's condition was not as advertised. If you absolutely can't get there yourself, find a friend or hire someone who can. Disclosure by the seller regarding the boat's condition can be a sticky subject. She spends as much time on the water as possible, in a variety of boats, though most have sails. is part of the Boats Group Network. A private sale can benefit both buyer and seller since the profit (and some taxes) of a broker or dealership does not come into play. ... 6 Private Party Sales Tips. You may also have to handle the registration separately. Buying a vehicle Transfer ownership into your name. You want to make sure you do not pay over the market price for your boat. Before you decide to buy a boat, you need to consider the costs of financing. Brought him a cashiers check and took home the boat. In a private sale, whenever possible, both the seller and buyer should go to the nearest participating office to transfer the vessel/boat title and registration and outboard motor title into the name of the purchaser. Insurance policies and boat registration cards are also good ways to help confirm ownership. Yacht brokers will do much of the work for you, but you'll need to pay them so you may get a better price buying or selling your boat privately. Searching boats for sale on will allow you to get an idea of the value for similar boats, although the value of boats can vary enormously based on equipment, condition, and other factors, including location. If the seller balks, you may want to walk. If you're not completely comfortable with the seller's ability to sell the boat, walk away. Beware of boats that include a lot of "stuff" you won't use or will have to replace, like outdated electronics. No matter what boat you're selling, finalising the transfer of ownership will require some paperwork. If your boat is on a trailer, your state may require separate paperwork. For buyers and brokers in Florida who are dealing with water-faring vessels that already have a title from the state, the seller simply releases the boat's title to the purchaser. Use DMV’s Document Guide to make sure you get all documents you need from a seller so that you can register your vehicle in New York.Find your proofs Make sure you spell out exactly how and when your deposit is to be refunded. Great news—as boaters ourselves, we highly recommend it. Doing your research will give you an idea of the value for similar boats, although the value of boats can vary enormously based on equipment, condition and other factors, including location. An important aspect when you buy and sell a boat is to establish whether the boat has ever been fined. outstanding marina fees). Here's what you need to know to protect yourself when buying a boat without the safety net of a dealer or broker. Here's how to protect yourself, both before you purchase a boat and after you discover a problem. Buying a Boat in Florida. There Florida is also impressive for the range and variety of boats … We use cookies to enhance your visit to our website and to improve your experience. Debbie Schaefer is an expert in consumer affairs in the marine industry. boat is second-hand and being sold privately (even where a broker is involved). Understanding Boat Surveys: What is Pre-Purchase? Protect yourself against title fraud and more. If you’re in the market for a used boat, follow advice from the experienced folks in our Consumer Affairs department. A boat is an independent entity so all … Buying a boat privately could put you on the bottom of the service log at any dealership, and privately bought boats do not receive a dealer service inspection. Too often a private-party boat purchase includes an exchange of money and handshake to consummate the sale. The yacht can bought cheaper than as in the case through a broker thus the amount of commission is spared. Remember Caveat Emptor! Both parties should sign and date the contract and ensure that everyone gets a copy. Don't buy a boat sight unseen!. If there's a loan, you'll want a statement in the purchase agreement that requires the seller to pay off the loan within a specified amount of time after the sale. If the boat has an engine other than a small outboard, a mechanical survey should also be done. Picture by Forest Johnson. Negotiating the right price. He helps with dispute-mediation and writes our Consumer Protection column. ⇒ Boat Insurance Sample purchase agreements and bills of sale can be found online here. Most private-party sellers sell their boat in "as-is" condition. 6 Private Party Sales Tips 1. A site like attracts a high volume of visitors because it features hundreds if not thousands of models in popular boat types such as bowriders. Tips for buying a vehicle. Test drove the boat, checked it out. With a bit of planning and organization, passing papers to complete a boat sale is only slightly more than a formality. If you buy from an out-of-state dealer, you may need to take care of the transfer. GST and provincial sales tax (paid with boat licence) are payable on both new and used boats. A survey is cheaper than a replacement engine — or making amends with an angry spouse. Buying a Vehicle Buying from a Private Sale . If you want to buy a boat, Florida is the place to shop because that’s where the boats are. Find out how to transfer ownership of a vehicle into your name after buying it from a dealer, private party or receiving it as a gift. Buying or Selling a Boat Please note: many of the articles featured in this section are locked down to members. Seleccione aquí para Español . If you plan to trailer your boat make sure your vehicle is equipped to tow. In states that don't require titling, ask to see the seller's bill of sale from his seller. After you decide on the boat you want to buy, your broker prepares an Offer to Purchase for your signature. Visit this article to learn more about boat shopping long-distance. Willy Sutton told authorities he robbed banks because that’s where the money was. Could a cruiser be in your future? BoatUS frequently hears from Members who find themselves unhappy after buying a used boat from a private party. The Boat Buyers Guide from BoatUS is designed to make it easier for you to buy a boat by explaining the sometimes-confusing process and pointing out the areas that can trip up a buyer. There are advantages and disadvantages of both. It is for this reason that the use of a surveyor is well advised. Buy and Sell a Boat Privately. All rights reserved. If you have lost the registration, then a complete bill of sale with the year, make, hull identification number, MC registration number (if available) and the names and addresses of the buyer and seller may be used to transfer ownership. Trailers are registered/titled separately through your County tax office. A member of the National Association of Marine Surveyors, he’s on ABYC tech committees, and has a 100-ton U.S. Coast Guard license. Details of the buyer and value need to be shown on the paperwork to help prove payment for a private sale. NEGOTIATING THE RIGHT PRICE. This is beneficial whether you're new to boating or stepping up in size, complexity, or expense. Find out more about buying from a WA dealer. © 2021 Boat Owners Association of The United States. It’s important to note that, unlike when buying a used car, boat dealers rarely own the second hand vessels they advertise – they are merely acting as agents. You control the deposit. Go and see the boat in person and inspect it from bow to stern. We've got lots of great reviews of new boats, as well as listings of new and used boats of all types. The old joke about the two best days in a boater’s life being the day they buy their boat and the day they sell it may still hold true. Privately owned vessel: During the birth month of the owner. The engine is the most frequent problem with a used boat, and engines are usually the most expensive component, often making up half or more of its value. A sailor who went cruising with his family, he now lives in California. Once you've decided that this is the boat you want to buy, have agreed on terms with the seller, and checked that the title and registration are in the seller's name, fill out a purchase agreement form. The best part of buying a boat is getting out on the water with your new purchase. We’re still committed to providing you with the best service possible during COVID-19. The stories are similar: The boat looked great, the seller said it worked like a dream, and the buyer can certainly contact the seller if "something goes wrong." 2. Don't forget to note the boat's 12-digit hull-identification number (HIN) and engine serial numbers on all forms. The first question to ask yourself is: What kind of boating would I like to … If you’re in the market for a used boat, follow advice from the experienced team at BoatUS. Online Fraud Prevention: Beware of Common Internet Scams, Close the Deal: Boat Registrations, Titles, and More, Determine whether you'd like to buy new or used, Browse listings, work with a broker, or attend a boat show, Before you buy, conduct a walkaround, a sea trial and a survey. Another benefit of a survey and sea trial is that the contract price can be renegotiated or you can back out of the deal if problems are revealed, with the proper purchase agreement. You could expect to pay somewhere around £2,000 pa for a mooring in the Midlands, whereas in a private residential mooring in central London could set you back £12,000 pa. Compare "highlights" between listings, to see what's part of a stock dealer equipment list and what's different about each particular boat. Click here to learn how to find a qualified surveyor. How do I transfer ownership of a watercraft? If you sold, gifted, or donated your vehicle to someone else, you'll need to file a report of sale. If you see the words "make an offer" on any listing, you know a low purchase price is possible. Yes, people do it all the time. You want to make sure you do not pay over the market price for your boat. However, the better of those days could be the day you sell your boat, since that might be the first step in upgrading to a newer, better boat! If it doesn't match exactly, at the very least there could be issues retitling the boat. An old legal adage says, "If it's not in writing, it didn't happen." But consider this: A majority of the complaints that BoatUS received from private-party used-boat buyers are from Members who didn't have a survey or sea trial. Bill of Sale The Bill of Sale must include the boat’s official hull identification number, name and port of registry (unless it’s a small, unnamed boat) the names, addresses, and signatures of buyers(s) and seller(s), and other information. When I sold the same boat, it was february. Boat title documentation If you buy from a WA state dealer, they will take care of the transfer. The bill of sale or receipt must include a description and hull identification number, purchase date, price, and the name and signature of the seller. Go and see the boat in person and inspect it from bow... 2. Compare photos between similar boats to see what isn't mentioned on a particular listing. Or, is a trawler at the top of your list? This means you need to take extra care, especially when assessing the condition of the motor. Find the HIN on the upper part of the starboard side of the transom and make sure it matches both the registration and title. This provide more assurance than buying a boat privately, and there’s also a degree of legal protection. This is something you really need to look into before purchasing as it can be the difference between you buying a boat and not. Carol Cronin has published several novels about the Olympics, sailing, hurricanes, time travel, and old schooners. Note that not all states assign titles to boats. Buying a second-hand boat. A purchase agreement spells out the details of the sale, including contingencies (such as an unacceptable survey or sea trial, or inability to obtain financing and/or insurance) that allow you to renegotiate or even back out of the deal completely. Checking Seller’s Title – When buying a boat you want to make sure that the seller owns the boat and therefore has the right to sell it, and that the boat is free of any charges and liens, such as mortgages, loans and interests from 3rd parties (e.g. As with used cars, when you are buying privately you have less legal safeguards than when buying from a dealer. Click here to learn how to find a qualified surveyor, Check the U.S. Coast Guard website for recalls. Choosing a Center Console: Is it the Right Boat for You? This section includes the purchaser's name and address, the date of the sale, the sale price and the … Is a bowrider the best bet? Copyright © 1999-2021 Boats Group. Have the boat pulled out of the water, and a surveyor inspect the hull. It may take a bit more time but getting the right deal on the right boat is always the goal. As-is sales offer virtually no recourse against the seller should a problem become apparent, so having a survey and sea trial becomes even more important. Unless you are a trained mechanic, it would pay for you to employ an expert to do an assessment. How to Buy a Boat: Tips for a First Time Buyer, Top 10 New Fishing Boats for Under $20,000, What Type is Right for You? This though carries an element of risk which normally would be less in the case of using a broker. Generally, there's no obligation on the seller's part to volunteer information for which the buyer doesn't ask. By continuing to use our website, you’re agreeing to our cookie policy. Dealers also will not be keen on trade-ins off-season because it will take them a long time to re-sell the boat. When buying and selling a boat, should you use a yacht broker or do it privately? Do lots of research, utilize our Boat Buyer’s Guide, and once you’re confident that you’ve found the best boat for your personal aquatic adventures, remember that: You should take a sea trial, to so you know that the boat performs up to your expectations. Subscription to the print version of BoatUS Magazine, 4% back on purchases from West Marine stores or online at, Discounts on fuel, transient slips, repairs and more at over 1,200 businesses, Deals on cruises, charters, car rentals, hotel stays and more…. Yes, people do it all the time. Make sure you insist on a sea trial, even if the boat that has your interest is out of the water. Again, the state agency that handles boat sales should have a checklist with this information. In addition, attending a survey and sea trial will teach you about the boat and how it handles. A "purchase and sales agreement" is the best method to protect you. You can renew your boat registration with the FL Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles for either 1 year OR 2 years by submitting the necessary information about your vessel AND renewal fees : You also make a good-faith deposit on the boat, usually 10 percent of the purchase price. Gather the information you'll need The cost for a survey and sea trial is typically between $15 and $20 per foot. Visit our online boat buyers guide to download one. It's easy to think that after spending many thousands of dollars on a boat, another few hundred dollars spent on a condition and valuation (C&V) survey and sea trial seems like too much, especially if you're not required to have a survey for insurance or financing. Buying a yacht privately without a broker, has one obvious and distinct advantage. Check the U.S. Coast Guard website for recalls. Better yet, you may be able meet at a local bank that has the lien and have it released on the spot. Clean Car emission requirements Decide if you will be towing your boat. Consider adding a line in your purchase contract that asks the seller to state if he or she is aware of any serious defects, prior accidents, or sinkings in which the boat may have been involved. Choose your own surveyor to ensure he or she is working on your behalf, and have a separate engine inspection to include a compression check, if appropriate, and oil analysis. Top 10 Choices for Boaters. Vessels owned by a corporation or dealer: From June 1 to June 30. What type of boat to buy. A step by step guide to buying a boat, from concept to closing. Your deposit goes into a bank trust fund that a licensed broker administers., 1221 Brickell Avenue, 23rd Floor, Miami, FL 33131, USA. The boat's title will list any liens on the vessel, such as a bank loan that will need to be paid off in order to transfer the title. If the boat is listed with a dealer, glance through the rest of the offerings to get a feel for the overall business. If the watercraft is not titled, simply complete the back of your watercraft registration. Other costs to consider are mandatory safety equipment, and ongoing operational costs such as fuel, maintenance, marina fees, and winter storage. Top 10 Choices for Boaters, What Type of Boat is Best for You? It could be a red flag area for that boat. If you choose to purchase a boat privately, make sure you get a receipt in writing that you can keep as a proof of purchase and ownership for licensing purposes. Please login with your membership account in order to access these pages. Don't sign the check yet! Bought my first bass boat from a relative of a friend who lived in michigan and I knew well. Learn More. Are you thinking about buying a boat? Charles Fort handles our exclusive Reports in-depth tech feature in every issue, our videos, and our investigative features. If you are considering buying a boat, you are probably considering making what, for most people, is a significant financial investment. Remember, there is no Lemon Law for used cars in Florida. Protect yourself with a contract.. Once you've decided that this is the boat you want to buy, have agreed on terms... 3. Before you buy yours, heed these insider tips to buying a boat in Florida. Any changes or additions to the contract should be initialed and dated by both parties. All was good. Choose your own surveyor to ensure he or she is working on your behalf. Too often, though, something does, and contrary to the seller's enthusiastic presale offer of help after the sale, the buyer is met with a cold "not my problem" response from the seller. You'll also want to include, in writing, all equipment (along with serial numbers) that is part of the deal, or any repairs to be made by the seller.

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