how to teach dog to lift leg when peeing

Recently Lucky has been peeing in a way that causes him pee all over his belly and his legs. Second, you can give it some time and walk pup places where other dog's freqent, and are likely to have peed on trees in the area. When it comes to male dogs around 6-12 months of age, hormonal changes can spike the desire to territory mark. It'll lift it's leg when it's ready. If your dog tends to mark when it’s excited, teach it a simple command, such as “ sit ” or “ lie down .” When you’re in a new place or situation where you think the dog is likely to mark, use the command to calm it and prevent marking behaviors before they start. He goes on the pad and squats and pees on it. Step 1. If he is near a tree then he will pee on it but if there is nothing around for him to lift his leg up for then he will squat. That's it, he was a squatter! UPDATE: Well, finally at the age of 4, our male dog stopped squatting to pee, and he started to lift his leg instead. Once it lifts the leg on command, start to issue the command when it is going to the bathroom to try and connect the two impulses in its mind. Avoid neutering the dog at a young age. You may have to do this for a few weeks before he will simply lift his leg each time he pees without the need for a command. It will still take pup some practice though. So we use puppy pads for him to pee. Neutering does not mean the dog will never lift his leg to pee again. Train the dog to lift its leg simply by lifting it up yourself with a command, and then rewarding the dog with its favorite treat. You might even try gently lifting his leg as he is peeing (if he will let you) and encourage him to keep his leg up using praise and treats. Step 2. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. On your walk, dedicate some time to allowing your dog to sniff and mark. Many male dogs lift their leg to urinate. Stand on all fours and tighten your abdominal muscles to have a strong and stable torso as you lift the leg. When he pees, he always squats and sometimes gets the pee on his legs and his belly. The idea is to reward him for it and encourage the behavior. Dog’s don’t want to pee on themselves so one leg lifting in a belly band can be just enough to curb the behavior of even a chronic leg lifter. From this point, the rest of the training is all about repeating the process until your pup will finally associate lifting his leg to pee with praise and a treat. © 2020 Wag Labs, Inc. All rights reserved. Since leg lifting requires dogs to first sniff a spot and then balance themselves on three legs, it helps to go on brisk walks. So, your male pup squats or simply stands when he pees rather than lifting his leg. Sometimes, he 'almost' lifts a leg, but then just squats-, Hello Jahne, You need to keep an eye on him when he is on his own and try to catch him when starts to lift his leg to pee. I have a 7 month old Maltese and He is not a outside dog. It sucks. Third, you can help pup develop the muscles needed to lift higher by teaching a leg lifting trick. As soon as you see him preparing to pee, give him the command to lift his leg. Your dog is doing what comes naturally. Next, continue practicing but as pup improves, require pup to lift the paw slightly high in order to earn a treat. Fortunately you can train your dog out of this unusual habit, provided you identify the cause. You can start training your dog to lift his leg to pee at any age, but the earlier you start the less time it is likely to take because you are teaching him what should be an instinctive behavior. Praise the dog whenever it lifts its leg to pee. It is believed that desexing before adolescence and sexual maturity can prevent inappropriate urination in over 60% of male dogs. My male Pekingese who is 6 months old is not neutered. The most important thing to remember is that this is going to take some time and you need to be patient. It may take several training sessions before he starts to mimic the action, but when he does be sure to immediately praise him and give him a treat. Practice for a couple of weeks until pup can lift the leg up all the way to earn their treat. How Can You Teach a Male Dog to Lift Its Leg to Pee? How to do Peeing Dog. Praise the dog whenever it lifts its leg to pee. For most pups, lifting a leg happens as a result of a combination of their development triggering more territorial urges in them, finding areas where other dogs have urinated and aiming to cover the scent with their own and so, lifting their legs to pee higher, and from observing other male dogs lifting their legs. He has written on diverse topics ranging from career advice for actors to tips for motorcycle maintenance. I mean the entire stream just beats against his leg, running down his foot and puddling all around him. This will still take pup some practice though since it's muscle coordination they need to gain through practice, but it could encourage pup to practice and gain better coordination. Be patient, at present his front legs might be a bit smelly, this will cease when he cocks his legs to pee. In the interim sponge his legs with vinegar and essential oil of lavender. Next, continue practicing but as pup improves, require pup to lift the paw slightly higher in order to earn a treat. Dogs prefer to aim higher up and on an object – such as a lamp post – so that their urine scent can be carried by the wind and disseminate more easily such that it is easier for other dogs to notice it. Hans Fredrick has been busy in the online writing world since 2005.

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