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Buying Guide and Best Practices on How to Select the Best Procurement Software for Your Business: Selection Criteria, Trends and Features for Procurement Software examples includes Ivalua, SAP Ariba Procure to Pay, JAGGAER Procure to Pay, Procurify, Bellwether, Fullstep Suite, Zycus Procure to Pay, Xeeva, SAP Procure to Pay, Coupa Procure to Pay, Basware … ITD also reviews procurement documents for adherence to best practices and recommendations for any changes to the documents based on best practices. For example, you can move your data to HIPAA-compliant data centers (available through public or private cloud-hosting providers) to ensure that your data is being managed in compliance with privacy regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Such partners are in a better position than non-partners for understanding the OEM’s offerings and for negotiating favourable pricing, support and guarantees. It requires gaining insights and feedback from your staff, integrating compliance requirements and best practices, and taking the time to write them in plain English so people can successfully understand and implement what’s required. The lack of funds generally leads to delays and, if you had already tendered but failed to procure, a reset of the tendering process. An alternative procurement practice is to use suppliers that offer reliable products at fair prices. Supplier engagement. However, they must follow your compliance standards, meet your cyber security needs and drive strategic business goals (increasing profitability and market-share). We also examine how you could benefit from IT procurement and overcome its challenges. word processing from a laptop). With new hardware, recent software releases and/or IT services (e.g. Supplier Evaluation. Four Minnesota Ace Hardware stores participated in the year-long pilot project: Henricksens ... and purchasing patterns. The latter is important because business executives want to see IT as a driver for profitability instead of a costly overhead. Respond with N/A (Not Applicable) if the information does not apply to … IT procurement offers an opportunity to replace IT systems that don’t comply with your industry’s regulatory requirements. Any appliance that filters, manipulates, routes, captures or analyses data from the Arkansas Tech University Network or Data Systems. A Hardware/Software Purchase Application must accompany software or hardware purchase requests as categorized below. Webinar / 22 Dec 2020, On-demand: Gaming Spotlight with missharvey and Lenovo In effect, you will not have developed a sound IT procurement strategy if you fail to achieve all of your business or organization’s requirements (not just daily operations, but compliance too). This reality is felt across the IT hardware (e.g.,, There are many software packages already available to Arkansas Tech employees and students. Your IT procurement process must fulfill your operational requirements. Tight timelines might push many potential vendors away from your bid, reducing your options. Basically, your IT procurement team might not have enough knowledge to properly identify your organization’s IT requirements. “Many organizations focus their hardware strategy on reliability and having backup equipment.”Analytics is an unexplored option for … You also have networking infrastructure connecting your company to the web and internally between different computers, printers and on-premise servers. Choosing a supplier based solely on competitive pricing is often viewed as short-sighted and may be ineffective. C-suite decision-makers who embrace these procurement best practices will lead the way to real savings, improved productivity and stronger financial performance. As with every aspect of an organization's activities, there is a number of procurement best practices that a company should strive to implement. Managing IT assets is no longer an anything goes process. Software procurement can include renewing licenses for productivity applications, e.g. To achieve that, CPOs must undertake the following tasks through their IT procurement work: Every business and organization is different. The procurement professional must take the highly technical information inherent in IT procurement and communicate it clearly and effectively in solicitations, negotiations, contracts, and during implementation. In terms of negotiating with OEMs, it’s best to have strong industry partnerships, e.g. You must demonstrate how IT procurement will help with reducing time spent on certain tasks, increase output and other net-revenue-focused goals. “Building relationships with suppliers should be on … on-site security and network monitoring services; and switching to up-to-date software builds. Before your company signs a contract with a particular supplier, you will have to assess the supplier. The IT asset procurement process should aim to meet your business goals, without... #2: Build & Leverage Vendor Partnerships. Any software that requires the services of OIS for installation, set up, maintenance updates, or other task requiring computer network services or technician expertise. In shifting their focus to the value chain—i.e., the full range of activities … Software requests for the spring term must be submitted to OIS by the end of October. It’s not easy to correctly implement a IT procurement strategy. This ensures that the one requesting IT solutions can’t approve the sale for themselves on their own. By implementing IT procurement best practices, you will leverage major improvements in both operations and strategic goals. Forge close supplier relationships with specific vendors and IT service... #3: Get Stakeholder Input. See the benefits of our e-commerce solution, See our Supply Chain Optimization capabilities. A purchasing authority (PA) should be established for hardware procurement. You also risk implementation problems if the winning supplier is unable to deliver on those tight deadlines. Get IT involved in the RFP/RFQ process early. We are not able to upgrade software versions during the school year. cloud) you could procure. Walking away from that deal may damage your reputation with IT OEMs. Assign a champion. This besides trouble using new systems can open other problems, such as a lack of trust in new systems and sticking to the old. It’s important that all relevant stakeholders are involved in the IT procurement process. managing vendors, negotiating and implementing your contracts. The procurement professional must take the highly technical information inherent in IT procurements and communicate it clearly and effectively in solicitations, negotiations, contracts, and during implementation. This could lead to improper purchasing, potentially needless or excessive spending (or, on the other hand, missing key requirements). Our major campus service applications include Banner, ARGOS, Transact, Class Climate, StarRez, BossCars, TMA iService Desk, Parature, Event Management Service (EMS), and others. You can prevent both maverick and dark spending by building accountability mechanisms (such as a system of approval) throughout your IT procurement process. Imagine your IT procurement team had already selected systems for your company and were close to signing a deal. Any System such as Security Cameras Hosting, Kiosk Delivery System, Digital Media Display System, Information Collection or Distribution System. The PA can be either an individual or a group (the finance department, for instance). Website Accessibility. Instructions If the pre-tax purchase price of this product exceeds $20,000, please submit a requisition and contact the Procurement Office regarding the bid process before submitting this form. Businesses and organizations are beholden to government, industry and vendor compliance standards. Any other system not stated above that may require control, data integration, AD/LDAP services or other networked system should be considered and OIS should be notified for options. Any Server based system that will connect to the Arkansas Tech University Network and or require DNS, DHCP, LDAP, WEB, Active Directory, or BANNER Services from the University. For most, hardware and software are a given (e.g. Please refer to the Arkansas Tech Software/Hardware Purchasing Best Practices to verify your need for this form. Make sure your IT procurement project has a champion. [ Outsourcing can be tricky. Within, rivers of data and dollars flow through channels large and small, touching Moreover, Procure IT Fair is working to increase the general understanding of the roles and spheres of influence of the different players in the Procurement Best Practices Guide. 6 IT Procurement Process Best Practices 1. Procurement should use solicitation templates specifically developed for IT hardware procurement. Likewise, your productivity suite includes email which could be based on Exchange, Google or a proprietary suite as well as customer relationship management (CRM) and other apps. The objective of any IT procurement strategy is to fulfill your organization or business’ needs, getting the maximum value out of your spending as well as protecting you from many different forms of risks (e.g. Purchasing IT equipment is only one side of the IT procurement process. According to Deloitte’s study, “60% of CPOs still believe their teams lack sufficient capability to deliver their procurement strategy.” This is reflected in knowledge and training: Businesses are reporting severe (e.g. It’s easy for projects to drift when they’re... 2. However, the practical side isn’t simple. Forming Strategic Relationships. The IT procurement strategy serves as a guard for preventing ‘maverick spend’ IT spending that occurs outside of your process. You must factor in company/organizational size, your industry, unique regulatory and compliance requirements and other factors. All too often, technology purchases are made in the hope... 2. The emerging best practice for IT procurement mitigates those drawbacks by bringing procurement professionals and technologists together. IT procurement specialists must strike a balance between cost savings and meeting organizational needs. Forging a close relationship with specific vendors and/or IT providers offer numerous advantages to the IT procurement process. Involve Stakeholders. These considerations apply to acquisitions free of charge or purchased … All asset acquisitions come with an element of inherent risk — and IT is no different. Therefore understanding IT procurement contracts has become an important part of the job of the project manager. We can accept any changes due to classroom adjustments up to June 30th. Acquire Technology That Aligns With Organizational Needs. In terms of hardware, your IT procurement efforts may focus on replacing aging laptops and/or workstations, routers, printers, mobile devices and in case of in-house or on-premise hosting servers. Every best-in-class procurement organization has suppliers who deliver essential products, perform regular maintenance, or complete one-time urgent repairs. A recent Deloitte survey of Chief Procurement Officers (CPO) in 36 countries says as many as 79% of CPOs are focused on achieving cost reduction in their IT procurement strategies. TechTalk / 22 Dec 2020, Microsoft Data Modernization We review the industry’s best practices for IT procurement. From technology that fails to support the company’s needs to potential financial or compliance issues down the road, a procurement specialist will work with risk mitigation and security in mind. For example, you could equip your sales representatives with new mobile apps connected to cloud-hosted databases. It is when these systems age and lose relevance (with current as well as emerging trends and behaviours) that IT procurement becomes an issue. 50%+) gaps in skills across many IT procurement areas, including procurement strategy and operations and sourcing. Procurement Best Practices. In other words, you should prevent these problems from occurring. Implementation problems can include delays in receiving, installing, configuring and validating new IT systems. Instead of software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions, you may also look to build custom applications. Items expressly exempt are system add-ons such as, printers (unless major system), desktop displays and other items directly related to normal desktop system operations. Before approaching IT procurement, we must review the benefits and difficulties your company likely faces in managing its IT infrastructure. n Be readily available as a single comprehensive document with department-specific subsections, as needed. There’s nothing worse for a project champion slaving away over an RFP... 3. This lets your sales rep to input, view and manage data from the palm of their hand. This standard provides agencies with the process to follow for the procurement of Information Technology (IT) hardware, software, and services. Simplify and streamline with a myInsight account. Following one (in alignment with industry standards) should lead to following the other. This guide, Retail Hardware Best Practices for Waste Management, is a management tool for hardware retailers throughout the United States. having a scheduled replenishment policy for printer cartridges). This Research Byte serves as a basic primer to identify and explain the major sections of typical IT procurement … in configuration). When there’s a knowledge gap, there’s a high risk of your team missing the mark on spotting the actual needs of your company. Technology procurements are reviewed prior to the actual purchase transaction to ensure compliance to IT standards, consistency with enterprise architecture, conformance to agency IT plans, and adherence to procurement best practices. For example, your sales team might require a CRM suite. Items such as laptops and desktop computers should be quoted through OIS but do not require the formal evaluation or application. The ability to evaluate is a crucial skill. Prioritize Value. In theory, you can negotiate with IT industry OEMs to secure favourable pricing, strong after-sale support and warranties. You can prevent the challenges discussed above by incorporating IT procurement best practices into your IT procurement policy. This will provide the company with required IT hardware, software and system… Such a model serves as a framework used by managements teams to make the process of acquiring information technology easier yet comprehensive. The failure to do so will be felt beyond just your IT, but in your business or organization’s core activities. In-house development would also be procurement. Microsoft Gold Partner, Cisco Gold Partner, IBM Business Partner, etc. Software to be used for specific personal use and does not apply to items listed above are also exempt. Likewise, your IT procurement team might not have incorporated enough or correct training for your company’s employees. You risk looking like a black hole for money (i.e. Factors such as current hardware and/or software falling out of compliance, not having the right features, higher cost-of-ownership and others make IT procurement key. Ensure that good relationships are maintained with your suppliers so … This is to ensure that IT procurement is done correctly and to secure internal stakeholder e.g. Rules of Engagement with Potential Vendors Regarding Requirements and Roi Doing so ensures that your organization is shielded from current and emerging cyber threats. We’ve compiled a list of these risks below: Your IT procurement team may understate or overstate your company’s IT needs in certain areas, e.g. If you believe that your needs would best be satisfied by the Office of Information Systems (OIS) developing software to meet your specific needs, contact the Campus Support Center to set up an appointment for discussion 479-968-0646 or, Software to be used in any campus student computer lab for any purpose, Software used by staff for the purposes of Arkansas Tech official administrative duties, Software used by faculty/staff for teaching or testing purposes. In the IT infrastructure services market, checking flexibility and scalability of SLA terms is one of the procurement best practices for the buyers looking to achieve cost savings. These partnerships are a sign of the OEM trusting you to implement their best practices (e.g. regulatory, cyber security, etc). You could also separate the “buyers” from those in-need of systems (“requesters”). Below is a list of goals that they seek to achieve during the process. Not only will this result in cost savings by leveraging economies of scale and established logistical practices, but the right provider can also help to: As part of a strategic sourcing process that attempts to glean as much information as possible before making a purchase decision. The next best practice that will help companies develop a successful procurement strategy is strong support from the company's top management. procuring too many laptops or workstations and not enough software licenses. Any software that would require server installation, database building, storage space, or file sharing with Banner or other currently owned software. It would be a waste of resources otherwise, be it directly (through the purchase of the wrong or unwanted systems) or indirectly (resulting in underused or insufficient capacity). Your internal IT team must also have competency for properly implementing the strategy. This guide details 15 high value best practices for Procurement Department operations organized by function, including Vendor Contract Management, Logistics Management, Strategic Sourcing, and more. Your IT procurement team might expect the supplier to deliver in a very short period of time. Companies implement purchasing strategies in order to: 1. make cost effective purchasing decisions from a group of efficient vendors who will 2. deliver quality goods 3. on time and at 4. mutually agreeable terms. At present, they might be pulling-up a laptop and manually connecting to the web, which consumes more time and effort. negotiating with OEMs on pricing and support, Resolve adoption problems more efficiently, Eliminates rogue buying and integrates with existing ERP systems like SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle, and more, Allow for the establishment of service level standards and agreements, Create a framework for both parties to work together to improve the relationship, Determining the probability of financial losses, Roadmapping, planning for future projects, and implementing plans to reduce their impact. Be aware that in some cases added software could interfere with the function of these applications. e-Procurement is the business to business purchase and sale of supplies and services over the Internet. These cases are analysed and assessed on the basis of the Procure IT Fair approach. Writing procurement policies and procedures can be a time-intensive task. The infographic below showcases how strong internal stakeholder support from executives is integral to IT procurement: You must also stop excessive or unauthorized spending. In this case, the purchase will result in the loss of time, money and productivity across the board. Public Procurement Practice CYBERSECURITY FOR PROCUREMENT In general, a cybersecurity plan should: n Be regularly updated. Procurement should use solicitation templates specifically developed for the procurement of IT hardware. The supplier’s failure to deliver your IT systems on time will lead to delays at your end and set your IT programs back. It’s also possible to prevent the conditions that lead to maverick and dark spending by selecting the right IT OEMs. and verifying the quality of products and services provided. However, top companies choose to look at total cost of ownership when making acquisitions. Forging a close relationship with specific vendors and/or IT providers offer... 3. This is an important discussion because, ultimately, your IT procurement efforts are aimed at improving the effectiveness of your IT infrastructure. -procurement developed a well-deserved … This will allow your procurement personnel to understand the organizational needs, budget, and how all the intended acquisitions will impact operations. IT procurement is the process of sourcing and acquiring information technology assets to drive your business or organizational operations. This document will review those best practice concepts and cut through the noise to simplify your journey towards an optimal PC procurement outcome. In some situations, such as sales teams needing CRM, this can result in productivity drops. n Use consistent language, e.g., terminology adopted from NIST to facilitate effective communication and … Buying too many hardware systems will drive your costs up and lead to the waste of funds (procuring too little can result in a falsely-low figure). Build strong relationships with suppliers. On-demand webinar / 16 Dec 2020, Energy Infrastructure Company Enhances Communication and Collaboration, Utility Company Boosts Collaboration With Microsoft Solutions, Healthcare Organization Transforms Data Analytics and Reporting, 2020 Insight Intelligent Technology Pulse: The Impact of COVID-19 on Business Readiness, Extraordinary Leadership in Technology Speaker Series with Special Guest Peter Mansbridge, Modern Device Management Autopilot & Surface. You might have a strong IT procurement team, but they can’t do much good there isn’t enough money. These threats can cause extremely costly data breaches. upper management support. Understanding IT Procurement Contracts Nearly all IT projects require some sort of procurement, whether it is for hardware, software, or services. Please review the list of software commonly placed on faculty/staff and lab computers at. Dark spending is also a threat as it undermines the trust upper management have in your IT. How Healthcare Organizations Can Stop Cybercrime in Its Tracks Infographic /11 Jan 2021, The Connected Future of HealthcareInfographic /8 Jan 2021, 4 Benefits of a Strategic Approach to Contract ManagementArticle /7 Jan 2021, Discover Canada's Cloud for Enhanced Digital Government Services a costly and cumbersome overhead). replacing routers that aren’t equipped to support today’s encryption standards; moving your data to a cloud hosting provider that provides HIPAA-compliant encryption. IT Procurement Best Practices #1: Aim to Fulfill Your Business Goals. Software requests for the fall term must be submitted to OIS by the end of March. You have to apply your analytical acumen in evaluating a supplier before contracting him for your company. apps or licensed software) and services (e.g. Basically, you should anticipate these problems ahead of any IT procurement effort. Similarly, ensuring that your IT system compliance and cyber security measures are up to par with current and upcoming regulatory standards shields you from expensive government fines. cloud services), you can accelerate your daily operations. The buyers in the market should also analyze suppliers ’ disaster recovery and backup capabilities. Each business must manage their IT procurement in a way that fulfills its needs and respects its constraints. leveraging partnerships with IT industry original equipment manufacturers (OEM). All too often, technology purchases are made in the hope that the cost value will be worth the trouble of the organization having to adapt to the equipment.

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