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Art prints are available from $80 USD. The fine, arresting guitar intro to “Take Your Pills” makes for a corking start, followed by the raucous ride of “Warm & Sane” in tribute to Sleater-Kinney. Size is 8 H x 10 W in. Fairly good arranged pop and folk rock songs, following each other at the speed of an express train. These songs aren't just comfortable in their despair, they celebrate it. With “Future Harvest” he releases his fifth album as a solo artist. A generation later, Metallica snagged a Grammy for their 1998 version. Sean O'Brien is a poet, playwright, critic and professor of creative writing at Newcastle University. In the summer of 2009, Sean released The Drug of Memory, a compilation covering nearly thirty years of recorded work with: The Meantime, True West, Cottonmouth, The Mariettas and some solo work. (While this is a music review, as an aside to the main topic, the painting used as cover art for this CD is by Sean’s brother Liam, and it is really something. Further on we are treated to songs in which the piano plays the lead role or even, in Down The Stairs , an organ and a pedal steel together plus a wonderful second voice by Laura Benitez, but at Three Snakes Caught another unadulterated guitar rocker comes along, a real adrenaline kicker. Nick West – Rock ‘n Reel UK, SEAN O’BRIEN is the very epitome of the seasoned campaigner. Denim's best song is too new for the L.P. It’s been my failing so long…In the shadows, on the hillside, she is waiting for me/ Tara Jane or her ghost twin, for my company.” For me, the album’s finest track of all was ‘Privatized’, the sort of rock track that even Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds would be proud of. “Aftermath Fears” is a lugubrious rock’n'roller in 3/4 time – one of the best cuts on the album – while “All That I Don’t Know” has a country and western feel to it. The next track opens the ears a little wider, with an effective use of close-harmony vocals on a track that nods towards Big Star. ( – Jack Rabid – The Big Takeover (#64), Powerpop with both poppunk and countryside in the pot. Sie heißt Sorry und veröffentlichte dieses Jahr ihr Debütalbum. O’Brien gives us 14 tales based on his live experiences. Not that he’s going meekly: opener “Shadow Sharks”, a view from age, is raucous, rocking power pop, raging against any dying of the light, while “River of Greed” harnesses an impressive Gun Club vibe and keeps it real. Die Musik war zwar irgendwo vom Punk beeinflusst, aber ganz selten war es mal Punk im klassischen Sinne. And somewhere that can be heard on the alternating Future Harvest. Indie fans of a certain age, however, will find this a very enjoyable release. Introducing Up and Coming Country Singer Sean Austin. – Dagger Online review. Sean O'Brien 06:00, 16 DEC 2020. We note guitarist Greg Lisher (Camper Van Beethoven), bassist Kevin Thomas White (Chuck Prophet & The Mission Express), drummer John Hanes (Pearl Harbor & The Explosions) and guitarist Damon Wood ( Engine 88). As a result, the images are very colorful sikeredtek. ‘Damned Either Way’ adds some country flourishes, including pedal steel courtesy of Red Meat’s Max Butler. Pages in category "Irish male singers" The following 200 pages are in this category, out of approximately 228 total. SEAN O'BRIEN 'VARIOUS ALBUMS VINYL RECORDS + CDs' (FIRST COLD PRESS/USA IMPORT), Out of Calfiornia comes singer/songwriter SEAN O' BRIEN, who kindly sent me his vinyl records and cds he released during his 40-year music career, It all started for him with the Powerpopband MEANTIME, and the vinyl record Two for one he released with them in 1981, it contains brilliant early 1980s uptempo catchy Powerpop/Poprock in the style of THE JAM. Irish country music may have evaded your attention up until now but Irish radio, TV, download charts and YouTube is jam-packed with widely popular Irish country singers, artists, and songs. In that case I can only advise to pick up the Goodbye Game upon release on October the 27th and get indulged in a little piece of musical history. For what a banging opener! 26th June 2017 | 3 minutes. Seed of Mayhem is not the best solo album I heard recently but as a singer songwriter, the man still comes with a vision and a message and this is something I really enjoy in an album these days. By Tracy Wright For Karnes City, TX 78118 Phone: +1-210 365-7869. is quite terrible, both musically and lyrically, and Sister, I Have Fallen’s attempt at gospel really sounds strained. - Nick West - R2 (Ireland). On O’Brien’s second album “Seed Of Mayhem” (2006) he gathered a working band around him. That man was the definition of cool! Then the menacing primeval atmospheres of 'Torn Down and Hauled Away' flip us back into the dark, and there are excursions into lounge jazz with 'The Addict Demands' while 'Painted On Glass' skirts perilously close to New Romantic. The Dirty Hands are Jeff Kane on lead guitar, Bill Davis on bass and Matt Shelley on drums. After debuting as a soloist in 2004 with "Too Personal", in less than two decades, he has lined up eight albums including the excellent "Seed Of Mayhem" of 2006, "Goodbye Game" of 2008, the collection "The Drug Of Memory" of 2009 which collected the best of its production, “Future Harvest” of 2012, and the most recent "Risk Profile" of 2014. As if to really prove the point that he is no one trick pony the following song, ‘A Thorny Path’ features the Magik Magik Orchestra, a string quartet who compliment this little singer-songwriter acoustic gem of a song perfectly. An album in which he shows, or rather shows us that Sean O’Brien more trades in a career that spans over 25 years. “Cleaner That Way” is a tune from the perspective of Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld, but then without editing by the spin doctors. Throughout … Get all the latest updates and special offers. With songs like "Do the Same" and "I'll Think Of A Good One," they take the anger and defiance of youth and combine it with catchy, melodic hooks. The music on this album sounds a bit like The Flaming Groovies or Rockpile. Jan 26, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by Sean O'Brien. Your First Clue by thundering new wave again with beautiful poppy harmonies with Von Sneidern. This is a decent record of solid if slightly retro songs. Tranny Ignored, is about San Francisco and the way people dress up. John Peel would have had to his friends, I am too. Release date coming soon. The repertoire of “missed” shots of the Shadow Sharks, with the title Future Harvest, the When is your Birthday? Up north in Davis, another sharp one released a super-energetic three-song 7”, the 1977-78 XTC/Joe Jackson-esque “Two For One” on Inbetween. In that respect, the risk of failure for the new CD "Risk Profile" virtually non-existent. Hot Country Weekly ; Star Interviews; Artist Profiles; Video Spotlight; Shopping & Promotions; Browse All Videos; Sign Up. Last year's self-titled debut earned airplay on over three hundred radio stations, but because of financial limitations, the Sausalito-based band was unable to follow with a tour. That may mean that some newcomers to O’Brien’s music will be confused, but patience and repeated listens will pay off, in spades. You can snag ‘em all at his website and also check him out at his Facebook page. A myriad of post-punk seems are mined. Sometime in 2001 his solo debut album “Too Personal” was released. The beautiful, a bit of a maverick on this CD, New Home Tonight is a beautiful country billy Nick Lowe song in true style, in which von Sneidern again as a singer. ‘Leaves’ goes into country’n'western territory, ‘Your First Clue’ returns to rock, ‘The Dress Of Tara Jane’ is out-and-out US country, while ‘Not Always So’ returns to riffing rock. It’s a very mixed plate as he released. If so then ‘Future Harvest’ must rank as the grower of the year. Honest, intelligent and unafraid to get a little egg on its’ face, this is a decent album with enough mystery and allure to tempt the discerning.

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