why is a sweater called a jumper

But here it goes anyway because I felt like playing along. If everyone is done pissing and moaning over Americas evil culture appropriation, lets get down to the brass tacks. The use of “jumper” as a simple synonym for “sweater” is apparently a fairly recent further extension of the term, and hadn’t made it into the OED as of 1989. It was also not unusual to have two pockets on the front. I won’t go into the hundreds of mispronunciations committed by the english while they butcher the language they “invented”. Get over it. Sweater: Sweatshirt: Knitted or crocheted upper wear that is designed to keep you warm by covering your arms and torso: A collarless loose upper garment that is designed to cover your upper body to make you sweat: Also called “cardigan” or “jumper” in the U.K. Also called a “jersey” in the U.K. Soft and elastic As America’s always think they are the only country to exist in this world, they think they can go change a language that they inherited. The bastardised version you speak in the United States is American English. Some people need to read the description that the Word Detective is “Words and language in a humorous vein”. A jumper or jumper dress (in American English), pinafore dress or informally pinafore or pinny (British English) is a sleeveless, collarless dress intended to be worn over a blouse, shirt, T-shirt or sweater. It can be sleeved, sleeveless, collared, V-neck, round neck, zipped, or even buttoned. Think how annoying it is to a Welsh, Scottish or Northern Irish person. Anyway, that is my take on it. This type of sweater is your basic go-to sweater when you’re running out the door and you know it’s cool outside. American accents are closer to the English accent spoken in the Colonial period. Any idea why we’ve chosen over time to name it for what happens when you use it when you shouldn’t (when the temperature doesn’t call for it)? A cardigan (to me) is something different and was something that buttoned up at the front, fairly loose fitting and often (but not always) quite heavy. Play nice now….don’t make me stop this car, now. What Are the Steps of Presidential Impeachment? Example: soccer. Pullover: again is … The english do purposely use words that are different from words used in America. Global variation among different English dialects and accents remains significant today. However, likelihood of your understanding much of that spoken language is minimal, because terminology and common phrases have significantly changed since then – both IN the UK and in the US. So nil points so far. You many HAVE to stop the car and threaten to leave them at the side of the road!! In australia a pullover made from wool is often colloquially called a jumper. Sweaters can be defined by many characteristics, most notably the cut or … Click here to check cool designs for cotton sweaters for next season! Christmas jumpers — that’s sweaters to non-Anglophiles — are simultaneously beloved and reviled in the U.K. as well. The efforts of English-speaking Christian missionaries has resulted in English becoming a second language for many other groups. Just kidding, of course. Of course we need all of these things more than you do! Also, I believe the French word ‘jupe’ means a skirt. Aussies use the term Jumper for wollen Winter garment. The cardigan sweater was named after James Thomas Brudenell, the seventh Earl of Cardigan and military captain who led his troops at The Charge of the Light Brigade into the Valley of Death. You can do as you will with American English but just try and be a bit more humble when talking to or about Britons and you won’t ruffle so many feathers and put so many noses out of joint. It’s diabolical, I tell you. It is the best option for those who rather a fresh and young look in their outfit. Dom declared out of the blue a few minutes ago. But, please, Britain, is made up of England, Scotland and Wales; the Irish are not part of Britain. Americans always put the emphasis in the wrong place, and sound like idiots. Then, however, I got to thinking about “sweater.” It’s actually kind of nasty, when you stand back and look at it. If it was cut & sewn from a knitted fabric though, such as fleece it would be called a windcheater in Victoria or a sloppy joe I think in NSW if my memory is correct. Many Norman and French loanwords entered the language in this period, especially in vocabulary related to the church, the court system and the government. In British English, a sweater may also be called a pullover, jumper or jersey. )and the colonies was, in fact, English. I doubt very much that the Brits are still mad, due to 1776! In American English a jumper is a sleeveless, collarless dress that you wear over a blouse, shirt or knitted top. It is an old expression referring to sheep who jump. But like all language there is a vast vocabulary there in made up of slang words. And each have their own flavour of ‘English’ with their slang. A sweater is mostly worn to provide warmth, whereas a jumper is made of cotton fabric most of the time. The only sniffling and whining I can see comes from Andy and Lost in Translation?? Here in America, Some areas of Canada, the non indigenous people of Australia and other countries all speak English, but each country has its own flavor of English. ..the Brits are still mad at us because they lost in 1776. In my town our election ballots are printed in English, Spanish, a Chinese dialect and an Indian dialect. Great Britain? There are some sweater cardi jokes no one knows (to tell your friends), to make you laugh out loud.Take your time to read jokes and riddles where you ask a question with answers, or where the setup is the punchline. This is your basic sweater with long sleeves and buttons down the front. In the US this is a similar item, however, a cardigan with buttons can also be called a sweater in the US. Thank you for such a great post and sorry that ‘Beth’ had to start a flame when she brought up – “An interesting opinion, however would just like to point out that ‘American language’ in English, from England and America was found by Britain therefore if there is a ‘normal first language’ it is British.”. Some fancy Dan bloke, often seen in old British films wearing a cravat under it or (bizarrely) Steve McQueen as the clean cut all American boy in films again. As for jumpers I don’t wear them. I’m halfway through a book “The last fighting Tommy” where Harry Patch describes wearing a “sweater”, which peaked my curiosity as I’ve never heard it referred to that way, outside of America. They invented the Association Football ruleset (no hands) and its correct short name in English, Soccer. I was introduced to the term ‘sweater’ through American knitting pattern books. Craig : Dude why would you bring that up? American English is in fact closer to the English spoken in the Colonial Period. […] The Word Detective: Jumper / Sweater  […]. Modern English proper, similar in most respects to that spoken today, was in place by the late 17th century. Point of reference: http://the-toast.net/2014/03/19/a-linguist-explains-british-accents-of-yore/. A jumper is either a pullover or a cardigan, distinguished in that cardigans open at the front while pullovers do not. In America the word jumper refers to a sleeveless pullover dress that you wear over a blouse or sweater and it’s often made of corduroy. Along with other words such as torch, wardrobe,jam, boot, (luggage compartment). Cable knit sweaters add a textural element beyond the fabric’s material itself. How did “toilet” get changed to “restroom” in the “American” language? The word "jumper" when used to mean a sweater comes from an obsolete term for a large, loose men's jacket called a jump. (and before you get your feathers all ruffled I AM from the South and I DO speak with a Southern Drawl) I do love a British, Aussie, Scottish (Sigh) and Irish “accent” though. An interesting opinion however would just like to point out that ‘American language’ is English, from England and America was found by Britain therefore if there is a ‘normal first language’ it is British. Tom. The word ‘jumper’ was in common use in the 1950’s by my parents and grand parents too. John – who is known as Beardychiel in the knitting world – made the jumper over the course of 28 days, working 10 hours a day. Find directions for a jumper and knit a blue jumper. jumper definition: 1. a piece of clothing with long sleeves that is usually made from wool, is worn on the upper part…. The raglan sleeve is a classic sweater style that is noted by its shoulder seams that run across the front of the chest. The word "jumper" when used to mean a sweater comes from an obsolete term for a large, loose men's jacket called a jump. We can’T even claim a homogenous “American” English. You Americans speak the English language that came from.. well.. England. First and foremost, it’s important to remember that sweaters might not always be called sweaters, depending on where you’re from. Then they discovered that they could actually get Americans to watch their more impenetrable BBC TV serials by peppering the dialog with nonsense like “wireless” for radio, “telly” for TV and, yes, “jumper” for “sweater.” Now they’ve got PBS viewers trained to jump like Pavlov’s dog at the drop of a “jam buttie” and folks like you are wondering what’s wrong with our natural American words. I don’t agree with Mike who sounds paranoid. Please note that comments are moderated, and will sometimes take a few days to appear. Born in the 60’s in Australia. Cable knits — sometimes called Aran or fisherman sweaters — are made using cable needles which help in raising yarns in specific patterns to achieve crossing textures on the surface of the fabric. The Late West Saxon dialect eventually became dominant; however, a greater input to Middle English came from the Anglian dialects. By the way a windcheater in the UK is a windproof jacket usually with a zip and an elasticated welt. sweater ( Hi all. There are an immense number of regional accents in England and Scotland. American English is a dialect derived from immigrants from the Britain who were not well educated in the language, and contained many British dialect words, and modified by all those foreign immigrants that went to the Land of the Free especially the Germans. Knitted clothing is created through the process of using needles to loop or knot yarn together to form a piece of fabric. Created by SimpliSafe, an American security company, this festive blue and white jumper, complete with snowflake and padlock patterns, can help keep overzealous relatives at bay. You say that the Brits started changing THEIR words after world war 2 but the word ‘jumper’ came around in the mid 19th century? No one is right or wrong. The garment is supposed to keep you warm and presumably comfortable. Maybe you do in the States? In the 1800s, artists and workmen often wore a large thick shirt called a "jump" which would be called a smock in today's terms. Don’t you love the British use of jumpers rather than sweaters? A garment worn by children when their mother is cold. It incorporated many Renaissance-era loans from Latin and Ancient Greek, as well as borrowings from other European languages, including French, German and Dutch. Do some research, and everyone get off your snotty high horses. I think I might have even worn these myself during the 70’s. Bethany, you may have been too busy sniffling about the second paragraph to read the first sentence of the third paragraph, where the author mentions that he was ‘just kidding’ about what he had said in the second paragraph. — Chris Schultz. I suggest you stay clear of words containing two or more syllables. Barbra Barbra Barbra Now My nose is out of joint do you not love the New Zealand Accent too? Language changes. In the United States however, "jumper" refers to a style of women's sleeveless dress, worn over a blouse or shirt, and "jersey" refers to … What they originated, is what goes. It made no sense to me as American. V neck so you could see the shirt and tie underneath. As far as I know “resting” is not what you do there. Simplified: We make up new words to be different ain’t that right? Again, teachers and academics are associated with roll neck sweaters, often with leather patches on the elbows. Pullover is another word for Jumper. In an infamous scene from Bridget Jones’ Diary, Colin Firth wears a cringe-inducing Christmas sweater that his mother gave him to a holiday party, which puts a (slight) damper on the otherwise dashing character. In the Early 60’s, going to school during the colder months, I wore a V neck jumper. Sweater vests, to the jest of Demetri Martin, are also back. I was told in the 60s that the Welsh for “telly” was tellywelly which had myself and my Welsh cousins in fits (of laughter, not hissy) but I think our legs were being pulled. I like it! There is no official language of the United States. The use of “jumper” as a simple synonym for “sweater” is apparently a fairly recent further extension of the term, and hadn’t made it into the OED as of 1989. “It’s a 4ply or fingering weight jumper knitted from the collar down," he explained. They only took up the French word for the sport en mass in the 1980s. Ignorance is not specific to a race but to a class of lazy people who choose to speculate ideas rather than educate themselves to facts. Great Britain is made up of England, Scotland and Wales. It is collarless, and it can have a round neck or a V-neck design. What is a Jumper? ), n. 1. My understanding of these words came from my mum and dad and other adults and presumably, their understanding came from their parents. I find the word Sweater sounds rather disgusting. #FunFacts #Fashion Why is a pullover called a Jumper in the UK & Ireland but a Sweater in the USA? They were popular in the 20th century, particularly in the 1970s in the UK, and are again growing in popularity in this century. The Aran jumper (Irish: Geansaí Árann) is a style of jumper that takes its name from the Aran Islands off the west coast of Ireland.

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